Here are some frequently asked questions…

Our packages are held at Mr. Sancho’s Beach Club. 

The package includes a Commitment Ceremony.  This is a symbolic ceremony and you are able to customize your ceremony.   This is not a ceremony with a Minister/Pastor of a church nor a legally binding ceremony with the Judge, however it is a ceremony that you will say your vows and commit to each other or renew your vows.  

You do have the option to replace the commitment ceremony with a religious ceremony Minister (not legally binding) or a Civil Judge (legally binding)

If you are arriving via Cruise ship, you may be sailing on a different time zone than the island. Please note that we will plan your ceremony on Island Time so it is best to verify the time of the ship with the time of Cozumel.

The packages listed on this site are for a symbolic ceremony; for a legally binding ceremony, a Civil Judge is required.  Below are the documents needed to send us prior to your arrival:

  • Copy of a valid passport for the couple and 4 witnesses. (18 yrs or older)
  • Blood tests (RPR, HIV and Blood type) taken within 30 days of the wedding.
  • A wedding application (we will supply to you)

Yes, A Civil wedding with our Judge is recognized internationally. However, before coming to Mexico, check with your country and state or province on how to register your Mexican wedding. Each state and county have different requirements, and it is your responsibility to verify what you need to register your license in your country. You will receive your marriage license in Spanish, so we can have it translated for you at a charge.

There is no time requirement to arrive to Cozumel for your wedding. If you plan to take your blood tests here in Cozumel, then we will ask that you arrive at least two business days prior to the wedding to get the results.   By hiring Cozumel Wedding Planner, you can relax knowing that we act as your agent to get the documents to the judge in the required amount of time. We will ask that you send your documents to us no later than three weeks prior to the wedding.

Yes! We are experts in cruise ship weddings, and we will give you step by step instructions on how to get married when arriving via cruise ship.

No problem! We can supply the four witnesses for you at a small charge.