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We know that you must have a lot of questions about having a Civil ceremony in Mexico, and so did many couples before you. Here is a list of frequently asked questions:

Q: Will our wedding be legally recognized internationally?

A:Yes, A Civil wedding with our Judge is recognized internationally. However, before coming to Mexico, check with your country and state or province on how to register your Mexican wedding. Each state and county have different requirements, and it is your responsibility to verify what you need to register your license in your country. You will receive your marriage license in Spanish, so we can have it translated for you at a charge.

Q: When do we have to arrive to Cozumel for a legal wedding?

A: Except for cruise ship passengers (see next question), we will require that you arrive at least one full business day before your wedding. For example, if your wedding is scheduled for a Saturday, you and your four witnesses will need to arrive on Thursday so that we can process the final documents on Friday before 9 AM. Please note, if the business day falls on a holiday, then you would need to arrive a day earlier. By hiring Cozumel Wedding Planner, you can relax knowing that we act as your agent to get the documents to the judge in the required amount of time. That is why we require that you send your documents to us no later than three weeks prior to the wedding.

Q: Can I get married legally if I arrive via a Cruise Ship?

A: Yes! We are experts in cruise ship weddings, and we will give you step by step instructions on how to get married when arriving via cruise ship.

Q: What if it is only the two of us and we do not have witnesses?

A: No problem! We can supply the four witnesses for you at a small charge.

Q: Do our witnesses have to stand up with us during the ceremony?

A: Yes. Your witnesses (two on the side of the bride and two on the side of the groom) will need to be standing up with you. We suggest selecting people from your wedding party.

Q: Will the ceremony be in English?

A: The judge, by law, will read the ceremony in Spanish and we will be right by his side translating into English.

Q: Can we say our own vows?

A: The judge will give you a chance to say something to each other during the exchange of rings. However, please remember that here in Mexico, church and state are separate, so no religious blessings or connotations please.

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